Welcome to the City of the Magicians!

Pass within and find all are equal, the peace and healing generous and the Magic the same as yours.
Peter Gribble

The City of the Magicians: Threat

Magic, like consciousness, appears mysterious only because it is unexamined. Everyone recognizes it when, maybe for mere moments, beauty enhances existence, love warms the heart and reality obliges.

Citizens know active conscious Magic requires discipline, training and focus for an originality to manifest as desired – perhaps a reason why its practice has declined over the centuries. While the City’s story culture celebrates it, deliberate magical practice is attended by risks … a factor to consider since a looming crisis is about to reinvigorate Magic in all its wonders and dangers.


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Peter Gribble’s THREAT (The City of the Magicians Book 1) explores a fantasy world containing cloak and dagger intrigue, diverse and interesting characters, telepaths, cultists, eye popping scenery, and a magic drenched city at the heart of it all.

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